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F R E E...N U T R I T I O N...A D V I C E

Scientific research proves that consuming a healthy diet is as important exercising when trying to achieve a lean, fit, healthy body. With this in mind I provide nutritional advice completely free of charge to all of my clients.

There are so many weird and wild diets out there all claiming to make you lose weight faster than the rest, that it can be very confusing deciding which one to follow and unfortunately most of them end in failure anyway.

I eradicate this confusion by offering easy to follow, scientifically proven nutrition and behaviour change advice.

I am a fully qualified and practicing MEND tutor. MEND is a nutrition and behaviour change programme developed by the country’s leading nutritionists and psychologists and is supported by the NHS and the Department of Health.

So rather than issuing you with a strict diet to follow, you will be given the tools that empower you to make your own decisions and choose the healthy foods which you like, not what you are told to eat. You will be given practical tips on healthy cooking methods and label reading and you will be helped with how to survive when eating out at restaurants or at other tempting occasions.

I will also focus on behaviour change by altering your habits around food. I will help you distinguish between what is a craving and what is actual hunger and help you to overcome the triggers that cause you to desire unhealthy foods.

All of this is done through a step-by-step process so it will not be a massive shock to your system.

You will be encouraged and motivated to eat healthier foods through a goal setting and reward system and yes you will still be allowed treats!

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