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Paul Belcher, Academy Scout Co-ordinator, Chelsea FC
Matt is an incredibly professional individual who has the rare ability of being able to help people by sharing his knowledge and experience. He provides excellent practical advice whilst being hugely supportive and motivational. I do not know anyone from elite footballers to busy housewives who would not benefit from working with him

Rebecca, 40, Hornchurch…..dropped 2 dress sizes
I was working with a personal trainer at a local gym. The sessions were spent doing repetitive workouts on the treadmill, cross trainer or the rower. It was boring, since working with Matt I have regained my passion for exercise. His sessions are always fun and challenging and rather than spending hours on the treadmill he gets me doing short high intensity exercise which he assures me burns more calories in the long run. It has certainly worked for me I have dropped 2 dress sizes and feel in the shape of my life.

Ian, 47, Chelmsford…..lost fat and gained muscle
I have trained with many personal trainers but you can immediately tell that Matt is a real professional who not only knows the theory but has competed at the highest level himself. In a very short period he had me lifting weights that I had previous thought impossible. A s a result I have lost fat and gained muscle which my wife loves!

Gemma, 45, Brentwood…..a gym-hater and former exercise-phobic who now loves to train
Before meeting Matt I was a real exercise-phobic. I hated running and most of all hated going to the gym training alongside people I did not know and in most cases did not like. Because Matt provides all of his training service in your home, this meant no more going to the gym which was perfect for me. And as for the running – we have not done any of that either! Matt found out what types of exercise I enjoyed and designed my training programme around that. I feel in great shape and can not wait for my next session.

Richard, 39, Chelmsford…..a busy man who now feels less stressed.
I own my own business and have a young family which can be very stressful. I just didn’t have time to get to the gym anymore. Matt’s sessions have been ideal. He arrived at my house or office at a pre-arranged time and really put me through my paces. This still left me time to tend to my business and has left me feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

Joanne, 35, Chelmsford…..was not getting the results from her own training regime.
My own gym sessions were not showing the results I wanted so I approached Matt designed me a programme. The results have been amazing. I have lost weight, reduced my body fat, dropped a dress size, and have achieved the slim defined body shape I have longed for. 

Dennis, 32, Hornchurch…..keeps coming back
As a person who lacks confidence in a gym environment Matt’s approach of home training immediately appealed to me. He is an entertaining, knowledgeable character who is able to talk about more than just sport and exercise. Over 100 sessions now and I never thought I would say this but I would not miss it for the world.

Joanne, 28 and Gary, 32, Romford…..the happy couple
We began training with Matt during the build-up to our wedding, we had both let ourselves go and wanted to look good for the all important wedding photos. Matt helped us achieve this so we decided to carry on training with him. It’s made such a difference to our lives we both feel so much fitter, stronger and more confident than before.

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